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The Sexual Empowerment Witch, Amanda Hillsdale in Forest burning headshot of herself with blonde hair

Are you in your dark feminine energy era and still searching for a place to belong?

Join us at Inside the Coven for Community, Connection, and Collaboration.

Discovering Your Dark Feminine Energy 

The Motherless Daugther, The Witch, and The Empath

No matter what label you may carry with you today, you are here because you know deep inside something is waking up within you.

The wild, intuitive craving for a more profound sense of belonging to a community, The desire to heal your wounded feminine energy, step into your sacred feminine power and reclaim the divine gifts you were born with. 

Clutch my Pearl Necklace and Gasp!

Did you feel that shift? I felt it in my sacral area while typing it out.


The Women who I work with are magical creatures, and we have survived some crazy shit!


The Motherless Daughter archetype is raised in the toxic feminine energy of either an emotionally unavailable mother or a mother who competes with her daughter (eating the youth mentality). 


The Witch archetype is raised in wounded feminine energy by a family and or community that suppresses the language around our bodies, our sex, our sexuality, and our connection to spiritual experiences.


The Empath archetype is raised in a family or community that suppresses the divine feminine energy of her spirituality. She is taught it's not safe to share what she sees, feels, and senses from beyond the world of human experience.


I could go on for days about all of the archetypes. However, these are the top three I work with the most. 


Is Connecting to Your Dark Feminine Energy Evil?

F**k NO! When you connect to your Dark Feminine Energy, it is the Shadow Aspect of who you are inside—your life experiences and how you choose to stand with them. We work through the Dark Feminine Energy so that we may understand who we are and discern who we will become.


What is the Difference between Dark Feminine Energy and Divine Feminine Energy?

Dark Feminine Energy is the shadow aspect of who you are. The Divine Feminine Energy is who you become when you have healed the pain, processed the trauma, and honored who you are in the present.

Who Am I?

I am Amanda, and my purpose is to empower & activate the sacred feminine energy of every woman in the world. To reclaim the wild woman and to reclaim the witch. My career started as a sex toy educator and intimacy expert many years ago. Over the years, it has evolved into a space of helping women learn how to find their voice and stand in their power. To help them release the past, the people, and the old things that no longer serve them through releasing rituals. We also talk about body trauma and offer somatic experiences to move the blockages in the body.

I am creating a safe space for sisterhood, community, and connection, with the mindset of Collaboration over Competition.


As you read this, I want you to pause for a moment and check in with your body if this feels like a sacral f**k; yes, we should talk more. 

Scroll Down a little further for a list of my Current Offers. These are all hyperlinked, so It will help take you where you desire to go.

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Katie B, Tacoma, WA

Amanda’s Tarot Review

I have received a few readings from Amanda, and they were all FABULOUS! Amanda has an incredible sense of uncovering the issues that I have a habit of sweeping under the wrong, and simply not thinking about. She has very gently, but directly, given me advice and guidance on a few tough, somewhat personal subjects in a group reading. I am generally a very private person and felt very at ease with the way Amanda shared my reading in the group setting, she is very respectful of boundaries. 

During my first reading, Amanda gave me specific advice for a toxic work situation I was in at the time – a situation that she really knew nothing about, yet she was able to give me physical descriptions of the people that I was surrounded with. I was having a gut feeling that these people should not be trusted but was doubting my gut instincts. Long story short, they are slimy people and a very toxic work environment. The random pull reading Amanda gave me provided me with the confidence and courage to take a step back and open my eyes more to see the true situation. I love sitting in on the group readings, there is always useful advice that can be relevant to something that is coming up for me in my life. 

I am starting to realize that life is full of seasons, some are harder than others, it truly is a game changer having someone in your corner that just wants to help guide you to be a better you and listen to that gut feeling. Amanda is such a caring and genuine person but will tell you the hard truth – in a loving and kind way. I would absolutely recommend Amanda’s Tarot readings, whether it be for clarity on a specific subject or just a fun and insightful time!

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