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Coaching for Empaths

Learn powerful tools to help you manage and deal with people's energy.

Do you or your loved ones walk into a crowd of people and instantly feel drained, exhausted, and have a hard time functioning?

You are not alone; Empaths and Highly Sensitive People struggle with groups overstimulating the senses. This can vary from people, places, and even sometimes objects they touch. My services are offered for adults. If you have a child experiencing these issues and would like help, book time, and I will teach you how to help your child navigate this experience.


I, too, identify as an Empath, and it took many years to learn how to turn off absorbing the energy around me like a sponge. During our 12 weeks together, we will go over different holistic techniques around breathwork, journaling, guided meditations, and setting and maintaining healthy boundaries in our relationships. We will also talk about energy cords, energetic attachments, energy vampirism and how to discern in the body when something is meant for you and when it is not.

Book Service Coaching for Empaths

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Coaching for Empaths

You know in your heart if this is right for you. Click the button below to book the 1st of 12 sessions today.

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