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Private Mentorship

Empowering Women to Reclaim Wild, Woman, and Witch. 

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Reclaim Your Wild

Wild- Reconnect to the parts of you suppressed by. Society, culture, religion, community, and family.

Reclaim Your Woman 

Woman- Reconnect to the sensual and sexual creatrix you know is waiting to be unleashed into this world to reveal your magic.

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Reclaim Your Witch

Witch - Everyone wants a "Spiritual Woman" Until they have pissed her off. Then she is a "Witch." Here we are, where we will explore your witch wounds and help you stand in our power full of radiance and self-love

Current Offers

The world is different now, and the energy around us has changed so much that we hardly recognize each other.


We fear speaking/posting our truth on social media for fear of being canceled.

We fear conversations about relationships, healthy sex, and what it means to be a woman in 2024.

The Word Witch threatens to burn us at the stake just as much today as it did in those times when it is dangerous to whisper aloud.


I am here for the woman who desires a wild f**king, rebellious act. The woman who knows deep in her bones she was born into this world to change it, to help it heal, and to reconnect to her spiritual self.


For those of us who survived sexual assault and those who survived generational trauma and religious persecution, you are not alone. If you have found this page, chances are high you have been looking for someone to help you reconnect or maybe even get started for the first time with your spiritual practice and learn how to reconnect with your body again. So much of our sexual magic rests within us, and so many never scratch the surface of what's possible.


I require a One-year commitment to my private mentorship and coaching services.

During our time together, you will have homework that homework is customized specifically to you. No matter your background or reasons for mentorship, We will cover the basics of energy work, energetic fields, and connection to self and others. We will talk about sexual healing and wellness, along with helping you reconnect to your spiritual guides, ancestors, angels, demons, and whoever YOU decide to work with. 


We will meet weekly or 52 virtual calls per year.

You will have support in between calls during regular business hours.

You will also have access to The Coven membership and all the programs offered during your time with me.


1 Year of 1:1 Private Mentorship

52 1-Hour Virtual Calls (Weekly)

1 Year of Access to The Coven (Value of $6,851+ )

A Monthly Tarot Strategy Session (value of $1,500)

Support Between Calls:

  • Journaling Prompts

  • Guided Meditations

  • Access to Programs Not Available to the Public

  • Somatic Exercises

  • Ritual Work & Spiritual Support



Pay in Full is $4,000 

Monthly Payment Plan is $350 total ($4,200)

If this energy is what you have been searching for, Click the Link below to schedule a free 15 min discovery call to make sure our energy is aligned to work together.

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Why Do I Call Myself The Sexual Empowerment Witch?

I find the words Sexual Empowerment Witch are the best three words to describe my work. Often I work with survivors of S.A. and Religious Persecution. Sexual Empowerment helps women reconnect to their sensuality and sexuality and understand we are magical creatures capable of achieving incredible things. Witch is also a powerful word in many cultures. She rides the lines between good v.s evil and walks a unique path to the beat of her heart, terms, and steps. 

Am I a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

That is for you to decide. 

Do I Worship the Devil?

No, I believe he exists and has met him in many forms, just as I believe in Archangels, Demons, Goddesses, and Universal Life Force Energy.

Am I Going to Teach You Bad Things?

I will teach you how to listen to your intuition, I believe in Duality and Balance, and I believe you cannot heal if you cannot hex. 

My Qualifications to Coach You

I have personal life experience with generational childhood trauma, alcoholism, suicide, sexual trauma, and religious persecution. I also invested time and energy into my own healing and education, gaining certifications in NLP, EFT & EFT Tapping, Certified Sexual Health Coach, Somatic Practitioner, and a few others. 


What Can You Expect During a Session With Me?

During our Virtual Session, I light candles and tend to take a leaned-back approach; sometimes, we go into a guided meditation and astral travel out of our bodies to other places. When we do this, it's always together, and only after I have shared safety measures. 

Other times we practice Somatic Movements to help the body release energy & emotions that sometimes get trapped in the body and create "dis-easement" not to be confused with disease. 

Each session is different and starts with you, your energy, and what I feel intuitive about you when the camera begins the session. 

What Can I Help You With?

I can help you move energy in your body that is stuck, stagnant, and blocking your ability to enjoy life and sex.

I can teach you how to reconnect to your spiritual practice and body and learn about harnessing sexual energy to create big magic in your life.


As a coach, I am able to help you with moving forward in life. I cannot help with mental health topics; I have several professionals I can refer you to.


Can You Cancel Your Coaching Services with Me

Sometimes life happens, and things change; if you feel like our time together is no longer serving you, we can discuss this, and you will be released from our contract, along with this. I do not offer refunds at any time.


If you have any other questions I have not covered here, don't hesitate to contact me, and let's chat about them.

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