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From Sex Toy and intimacy Expert to Sexual Empowerment Witch and relationship Coach, Here is What people have to say about my larger body of work over the past 20 + years of service.

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“Amanda Hillsdale, Intimacy Expert!
Honestly, expert does not even begin to describe this amazing lady and all of her knowledge. She combines education AND experience in motherhood and marriage to guide her clients. Not only does she have an array of knowledge on sex toys and sex in general, she gives advice on self-love, intimacy, and body image.


She is also all about empowering women, whether it be in the bedroom or in their personal lives!
Her sex toy and intimacy knowledge is beyond compare to that of any other consultant I have known. Her parties are so fun and so informative. She teaches men and women things about themselves that they may not know, and provides a comfortable atmosphere for everyone to open up and receive information and advice. She has a vast amount of knowledge on sex toys and their uses, as well as masturbation and sexual intercourse with partners. I have never known her to not have an informative answer to someone’s question.”
— Kayla Jo, Patterson, CA

The Venetian Salt Soak Blend .jpg
I've been buying Amanda's salt soaks since the inception. When they started in sandwich baggies to mini mason jars to the beautifully packaged they are now. I always travel with a pouch in hopes that the hotel will have a bathtub. I've also been known to give them as gifts. This lastest batch, WOW!!!!! I will just sit an sniff the Venetian, no need to use in the bath, it smells that amazing!
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