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Silk Robes, Pearl Necklaces, Red Nails, and Intentional Soft Feminine Energy.


The Venetian Salt Soak Blend is the sister of The Wild Woman Blend. She is radiant and has soft feminine energy. This blend has bold shades of blush, hot pink, and brilliant dark petals.


The colors vary a little with each batch.

Yet the energy of this blend is unmatched by any previous combinations in that it helps you to reconnect to your sensual self. The soft notes of pomegranate and deep scents of a traditional rose smell not that cheap-smelling shit you find elsewhere. 


This blend is coming home to yourself to rediscover who you are after a spiritual awakening and decide what you genuinely want for your life.


The Venetian blend reminds you to take time for yourself to wear the silk robe, the pearl necklace, and the red nails and reclaim your wild, your woman, and your witch from within. 

The Venetian Blend

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