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Welcome to my Book a Service Page. Below is a list of my current offers available to the public.


Who My Work is For

I specialize in Life Coaching for women who've experienced Sexual assault or Religious Persecution. Due to the nature of my work, I also focus on areas of coaching related to relationship coaching, spiritual wellness coaching, and sexual empowerment. Sometimes, my job also requires home cleansing and blessing rituals offered in my local community. For all coaching-related conversations, please book a coaching strategy session. For Spiritual Workings, please book a Ritual Release Session.  

For First-Time Tarot Reading Clients,

Please do not offer any information about this reading in the notes. I prefer our first reading to be cold, so I do not have information about you before our session starts.

My Current Services

Katie B, Tacoma, WA

Amanda’s Tarot Review

I have received a few readings from Amanda, and they were all FABULOUS! Amanda has an incredible sense of uncovering the issues that I have a habit of sweeping under the wrong, and simply not thinking about. She has very gently, but directly, given me advice and guidance on a few tough, somewhat personal subjects in a group reading. I am generally a very private person and felt very at ease with the way Amanda shared my reading in the group setting, she is very respectful of boundaries. 

During my first reading, Amanda gave me specific advice for a toxic work situation I was in at the time – a situation that she really knew nothing about, yet she was able to give me physical descriptions of the people that I was surrounded with. I was having a gut feeling that these people should not be trusted but was doubting my gut instincts. Long story short, they are slimy people and a very toxic work environment. The random pull reading Amanda gave me provided me with the confidence and courage to take a step back and open my eyes more to see the true situation. I love sitting in on the group readings, there is always useful advice that can be relevant to something that is coming up for me in my life. 

I am starting to realize that life is full of seasons, some are harder than others, it truly is a game changer having someone in your corner that just wants to help guide you to be a better you and listen to that gut feeling. Amanda is such a caring and genuine person but will tell you the hard truth – in a loving and kind way. I would absolutely recommend Amanda’s Tarot readings, whether it be for clarity on a specific subject or just a fun and insightful time!

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