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1:1 Ritual Work

Release | Energy Clearing | Etheric Work

Releasing Ritual | Cord Cutting & Energy Clearing

Have you been feeling stiff energy in your body around your shoulders, carrying the weight and responsibility for others who lack accountability?

Maybe you feel the dis-easement in your solar plex from not feeling good enough, powerful enough, capable of doing the scary things to help you grow. 


Over the years, you have felt this nagging sensation that you were meant for more and feel like it's just out of reach. Or it's something different.


You may have recently been working on your personal development and realized the people, places, or things that once comforted you no longer feel that way. Bad breaks from partners who left you feeling some way.


My 1:1 Ritual work is customized to you. Sometimes, we go into a guided meditation together into the etheric realms and cut etheric energy cords that restrict your ability to grow. Other times, it is to release spiritual attachments that have found a way to anchor into you to drain your energy. 


Like the dead leaves in the rose garden, we remove the old stagnant energy to make way for fresh growth and nourishment for the soul. 


This work is not meant to replace any medical or mental health care. If you need further assistance in this way, please visit my community resource page or seek the proper medical and mental health care professionals in your area. 

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1:1 Ritual Work Cord Cutting and Energy Clearing.jpg

Ritual Work

If you desire to make changes in your life and to release what no longer serve, please click the link below to book Your Ritual Work 1:1 Service.

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