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Tarot Reading Service

Are you feeling stuck and tangled up? I can help you.

What information does a tarot reader need? 

Tarot Readings are best served Cold. What is a cold reading? When you book a tarot card reading with me, I do not collect any information about you beyond checkout, and here is why. When it comes to reading cards for a 1st-time client, it should also be a cold reading where you have no information about them before the appointment. It holds integrity and clean energy that I love working with; when the messages come through, you know it's pure energy and it's right for you. I have no way of knowing about you or what you are going through. 


This is important for me as it should be for you. I will also have minimal contact with you before our scheduled time. If you send me a long email with questions or try to connect on social media, please know I will not respond to you or your request until after our tarot reading has been fulfilled. Out of respect for you, myself, and the spirit I work with, I honor this rule in business.


How to prepare for a tarot reading

Preparing for a Tarot Card reading is pretty straightforward. Please allow 1 hour without distractions; bring a pen and paper for taking notes and a water bottle. During our time together, we move a lot of energy around, and it is essential to stay hydrated.

If you are curious about my process, I have a blog post where I go into more detail about what it's like to book a Tarot Reading with Me.


Some Common Questions About Tarot Readings


Are Tarot Cards Supernatural?

I practice animistic witchcraft, which means everything from a crystal to an herb has life-force energy within it. If you choose to work with the elements of a deck and honor the spirit of the deck, then yes, each tarot card and oracle deck has energy within it to call upon for guidance and support. 


During a Tarot Reading, I also opened a channel for a spirit to speak through me. Sometimes, I remember what is said, and well, sometimes, the message is not for me to hold on to. What type of spirit is it? This ranges from a loved one who has passed on to a message that needs to come out. I trust and have faith that the spiritual guides who watch over and protect me hold the same pure energy frequency to allow only the spirits of the highest good to come forth.


What questions can you ask in a tarot card reading?

For legal purposes, I refuse to answer questions about court cases, legal questions, pregnancy, and miscarriage. Any questions that pertain to illegal activities by you or others you know are not permitted. 


Aside from the above, ask any other questions you like, and I will do my best to assist you.

Book Your Tarot Reading 

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Tarot Reading Service

To gain clarity on life, love, and career, or to feel unstuck. Book your 1hour virtual tarot reading today by clicking the link below.

Testimonials from Clients During Live Readings on Social Media

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