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What it's Like to Book a Tarot Reading with Me

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

I wanted to riff on a few lines here and talk about what it's like to book a tarot reading with me.

Hey Friend,

If you have clicked on this blog post, welcome to my world!

I am a cold reader.

When you book an appointment with me, I ask that you do not share any information with me before our scheduled time together. I do this because I honor the integrity of the reading for you and me. I want you to know that the message coming through is from Spirit in a way that I do not have access to learning before our time together.

Before our appointment

I cleanse my space and light my incense. I allow myself time to sit with the spirits for a few minutes beforehand to listen to whatever messages I need to hear as the reader. They have a wooden chair in my office to sit and be part of the conversations should they choose to be, providing my spiritual guides gave permission.

I take a couple of breaths and unwind the energy in my body to allow for a better connection to Spirit. (Now, I have mentioned Spirit a couple of times. You may feel uncomfortable, so let us pull this apart. )

You said Spirit; what does that mean?

Spirit to me means many things; sometimes, it's the Spirit of a family member who has passed on. Other times, it is a body sensation that creeps over the skin and requires no words. I have no way of knowing who, how, or what beforehand. I have complete faith and trust in my spiritual guides that I am supported in the connections of the highest good for the seekers. ( you as the client)

If the Spirit connecting to our work is not here for the right reasons, my spiritual team removes them from the chair.

I share this tenderly as I understand what it was like for me to sit in the chair as a seeker many years ago before learning how to read tarot cards and finding my mentor for support in my work.

Now that we have more clarity around cold reads and spirit work, the next part of the reading is to connect and listen.

During our Appointment

I always ask clients to bring water, a pen, and paper for notes during our call. We start by taking a couple of deep breaths. This allows our energy to calibrate to each other. Often a body sensation will pop up ex: shoulders will feel heavy from carrying the responsibility of others, or discomfort in the throat for not speaking up for self. Sometimes it's in the solar plex-heavy feelings around a lack of self-worth.

As I start to shuffle, that is my time to calibrate to Spirit. I listen for words of wisdom, and I watch the chair too. My Tarot Readings are often deep work in the body and connecting to the shadow work, body trauma, and emotional needs that have not yet been met. We talk about all the things!

Often people find my work and book a tarot reading when they are at a crossroads in life and looking for a gentle nudge. Careers, life path, purpose, relationships, healing work all come up.

A question during the reading, more often than not, is what am I supposed to ask?

There is no one universal answer to this question. The message will come through the cold reading exactly as Spirit offers.

At the end of our appointment

I often offer a suggested reading list, journal prompts, or some form of aftercare.

If the energy feels in the correct alignment, I will talk about upcoming programs or coaching if that comes up or is needed during our call.

When our call is over

I immediately disconnect my energy from yours as we leave the chat. I thank all spirits for joining us, then gently disconnect from their energy. I cleanse the room, space on the table, deck, and my body.

The Tarot Reading is done, the messages are received, and the work has been completed.


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