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Calling Back Your Power | Gentle Method

This Ritual Guide is designed to help you call back your power from every person, place, or thing where your energy has been scattered.

This Ritual is best used on the night of a Waning Moon or a Full Moon of Capricorn, Pisces, or Virgo after performing a Releasing Ritual.

Create a sacred space for yourself before you begin. A good smoke cleansing around the area and adding crystal grids or salt circles around you work best. Call your spiritual guides for protection and guidance in this space.

Prepare your candles ahead of time if needed. Suppose you are adding any sigil work or a dressing to your candles. ( If you are unsure how to do this, please visit the workshops on sigil work & candle work, or for now, infuse the candle with your energy.)

In today's method, we will infuse energy into candles.

Next step, ground and bubble your energy.

Close your eyes and connect to your energetic field.

Find all of your energy cords and anchored aenergy. Where is it located? Who is holding the other side of the cord?

What person, place, or thing has a hold on the other end of the energy cord?

As you visualize each cord and its connection, feel where it connects to your body.

Open your eyes and light your candle.

Next, Visualize those cords moving gently and allow them to unknot or remove the anchor in the person, place, or thing at the other end of the rope.

Slowly watch each thread unknot and gently retract back to you, feeling the energy restored into your body.

This work is a slow process no need to work quickly. Be patient, allow each cord time to unknot, and be called back home.

If it helps, you can say words like I call my power back to me from every person, place, or thing that no longer serves my highest good.

I like to hum and feel the vibration in my body call my cords back to me. You may notice as you do this that threads change colors as they detach and head home. This is normal; it's confirmation the work is completed.

Once you have completed this Ritual, close out your circle and thank your spiritual guides for their help in this work.

Clean up your sacred space, burn what needs burning, and release the work. After your sacred space is clean, it's time to cleanse your body.

Spiritual cleansing (also see the workshop on spirit bathing if needed) is essential to this work as it helps to move any residual funk lurking on your body and in your energy.

After you cleanse your body and energy, record your experience in your book of shadows.

Correspondence Tables

Here is a list of suggested items to use for your ritual work. Please use a suitable substitute if you don't have some or any of these items.


St. John's Wort-dominance, protection

Valerian-ending of a cycle, psychic protection, enhancing psychic abilities

Rosemary-protection, love, banish, binding, empowerment

Wormwood or Mugwort - forgiveness, psychic ability, spirit travel

witch hazel-willpower, sex, sexuality, wisdom, witchcraft

Goddess Energy:

Badb, Hecate, Kali, or any goddess, god, a universal source you feel most comfortable working with.

Candle Colors:

Blue - Forgiveness and protection from the evil eye

Black-void of color, all-encompassing of colors

White activation, awakening, purification, protection, and spiritual guides

Suggested Reading List:

Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Kynes

Doctoring the Devil by Jake Richards

Psychic Witch by Matt Auryn

Protection & Reversal Magick by Jason Miller

Suggested Courses:

Sigil Work 101 | Foundation Course

Spiritual Cleansing | Foundation Course

Candle Magick 101 | Foundation Course


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