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March Updates For 2024

Booking Schedules, The Coven, Tarot Reading Offers and More!

March Updates for 2024 Foggy Bridge

Photo Credit: Amanda Hillsdale

Hello, My Gorgeous Sovereign Witches, Wildings, and Friends!

Today is March 1, 2024, and Spring is already kicking into high gear around here. March is going to be a BIG month, both personally and professionally. I wanted to share as many updates with you today as possible.

March Updates for 2024 | Starting This Month:

  • My Booking Calendar is Changing, and I will only have Wednesdays & Fridays available for public bookings. With this change, I have decided to offer a few evening hours for Tarot Readings, Coaching, and 1:1 Ritual work.

  • I am excited to share two new booking offers for 15 minutes of quick-fire tarot reading and a 30-minute coffee and tarot reading session. You can learn more about this and other changes by clicking the Book Services Tab.

Special March Announcements

Upcoming Events for All Site Members

March 25, 2024, Seasonal Ritual Release Cost is $44 to join

I will send the Zoom link at noon 

This virtual group of us will be coming together to perform a releasing ritual. 

Who this is for:

This event is open to the public and available for anyone who feels stiff, sore, drained, exhausted, and ready to release stagnant energy in the body, mind, and soul. If you have recently released a relationship or a job or are at a fork in the road moment in life and need extra help clearing out attachments, this event is for you.

What is a Releasing Ritual & What Will You Do?

A releasing ritual clears out the energetic attachments anchored into our physical, emotional, or spiritual body via connection to a person, place, or object. We will go through a guided meditation and breathwork during our time together, then pull energy with a #2 pencil onto the paper. You will not be asked to share any part of what you are releasing, nor do you have to turn on your camera if you choose not to. Once we are done, we will burn the papers and have time afterward for questions, comments, and community connection, which you may choose to be part of or not totally up to you.

Upcoming Events & Programs for The Coven Membership

It's the end of February, and as we close it out, our next witches bonfire and brews event will be held tomorrow evening via the Zoom link to discuss The Psychic Vampire Codex by M. Bellanger. I am so excited and cannot wait for this time with all of you! Next week will be our next. Round of Tarot Readings and the start of 

March: Feeling the Deep | Dreams & Desires Series

Dream Walking & Spiritual Work in the Astral Realms

During our Astro world and dreamscape period, we will be focused on the following programs:

  • Spirit Portals

  • Awaken the Witch

  • Connecting to Spirit Bundle

We will explore the Astro Realms for Cord Cutting Rituals, learn how to travel, and understand what it means to dream walk.

I will be adding New Chapters to these programs this month:

  • The Sex Magick Files

  • Home Wards & Protection Magick

If you are not a member and want information on joining us, please click here to learn more.

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