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Guided Meditation: The Woodlands

In this 30 min Guided Meditation I will take you to The Woodlands. This elemental plane is the first of four elemental planes we will visit in your first year of working with me.

A recurring conversation this week has been one of connecting to your spirit guides. So I have a quick blog post with a link to The Woodlands Meditation along with a list of 7 Journaling Prompts to complete once you have finished the meditation. What is journaling so crucial in our work? It helps us to step out of our headspace and make room for the messages to come. Journaling also allows us to identify patterns and acknowledge the milestones we achieve in time. The person you are today is not the same person you were last year, nor 3-5 years before. Honor the journey and enjoy the experience.

Find a comfortable position to sit or lie down. You are keeping your arms and legs uncrossed. You don't need to watch the video; only listen to it.

Once you have completed the journey, please return to this post and complete the journaling prompts listed below.

Journaling Prompts

  1. When you felt your spirit drop down into the ocean of emotions, did you see or feel anyone around you?

  2. How did your energy shift?

  3. What did the energy feel like as you climbed out of the water to the sand?

  4. Who did you see as you walked along the pathway?

  5. What messages did you hear along the way?

  6. Once you reached the clearing, describe who you met, what they were wearing, how they walked, and what they said to you?

  7. The overall messages you received during this meditation were primarily about the present self version of you. What are your next steps in your journey?

When you have finished these writing prompts, please come to The Sexual Empowerment Witch's Group on Facebook (my free group and share with us How it went.)

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