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For the Wild Rose within all of us that needs a gentle reminder, she is a badass motherf**ker.


The Wild Woman and The Venetian blends are sisters to each other's energy. The Wild Woman blend was created from a wild resilient climbing rose whose roots blend in with 20 of the 28 roses I have in my garden. When the original rose bush was cut back too far, the wild rose came in and took over. 

This blend is a guide for when you feel lost or have a dark night of the soul moment where you forget who the F**k you are. The Dark resilient, climbing wild roses remind you that you can find the light again. Most claim this energy is similar to The Empress Card in Your Tarot Deck. 


Unlike the Release & Manifest Blends, this blend does not have a moon phase, and she is the fork in the road before you decide which way to turn.

The Wild Woman Blend

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