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All Ingredients are grown in my garden here at home. My family and I pour loving and nourishing energy into every plant so that it may grow into the very best products for you. You will find slight variations in each bundle ranging from color, bundle thickness, and yarn. 


Rosemary, throughout many practices, is known for its protective and healing qualities in the metaphysical, spiritual, and physical worlds.

Lavender is often a very underrated and used herb. 


Use this bundle to call in more loving energy into your home. Make sure to open windows and ventilate your home before you begin to burn.


This product is for use in the home, not for internal; use or to replace medical or mental health care.


If you need help, please find professionals for this service.


From Garden Bed to Bath


These Bundles will have Garden Sage, Tri colored sage, and sometimes when I have extra Pineapple Sage (these will be marked and offered separately), Rosemary, Lavender, and Rose Petals

Smoke Cleanse Bundle - Medium

SKU: 007
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