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Clear Out the Old Energy and Make Room for New with Release Salt Soak Blend 

The Release Blend was created at my kitchen table in late 2017 for a client who had just completed her first release ritual after a bad breakup. This blend is handcrafted by me with roses from my garden for your soaking tub. ( You can read more about it with this hyperlink to my blog for an in-depth guide on metaphysically using this blend.)


Each batch will vary slightly from the dried roses' color. 


Typically this blend is best used on the night of a full moon, after a releasing ritual is completed, or when you have finished any ritual work and need to spiritually and energetically cleanse your body & spirit.


Each batch is tuned with Solfeggio frequencies during the drying and blending processes with a 528hz tuning fork. 

Release Salt Soak Blend

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