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Sensuva On Libido Cream

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Low Libido tends to be a sensitive topic for many of us.

The truth is, we all will experience it at some point in our lifetime.

What is Sensuva On Libido Cream?

Sensuva On Libido cream is an excellent topical product to help get things moving in the right direction.

Now let's be clear this is NOT a miracle cream that corrects everything over night.

This product is one you use every day for two -three weeks and allow it to absorb into your body.

The feedback I have commonly received from my clients they notice more vaginal moisture. So for women coming into the menopause stage of life Sensuva On Libido is a lifesaver.

What can you expect to feel when using this product?

This Sensuva product was designed to help us women combat the physiological effects, to balance our hormones, boost energy levels and elevate our moods.

This type of work requires time and energy so with this, I say be patience and give this product time to enhance your mood, hormones, and boost energy.

You will also notice with this product a hypersensitivity in your vulva, vaginal canal and clitoris.

This is due to the abundance of blood circulation from this product to this area of your body. Which if I may be ever so bold to suggest sensory play by yourself or with a partner.

Think feathers, silk, lace, and leather for starting points.

Or Try out temperature play with glass toys, icy cold sensation or warm and tickling. mind you test on your arm or hand first to ensure its not to hot.

See my blog on sensory play found here.

As you can imagine I LOVE talking about Sexual Health so if this has peaked your interest also click on my blog post about Low Libido to learn more.

If you have any questions about this product please fill out my contact form found here. I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

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