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Foundations Course | Empaths & Energy Work


Foundations Course | Empaths & Energy Work Do you ever walk into a crowded room and feel completely overwhelmed by the energy of others? Sometimes it makes your body feel nauseous, uneasy or drained, and exhausted with a dry mouth feeling. I get it! It was not until I reached my late 20s that I found a mentor who could teach me how to ground and bubble my energy to create a protective barrier between myself and what I felt about others. I have created a Foundation Series of Courses for Empaths and Energy Workers. This program is my gift to you as a site member; if you find others like you who feel the way you feel before this class, please share this free program with them. In this program, we are going to cover the basics of what it means to ground and bubble your energy as an empath and how to tap into what your body and extra sensory stimulation are trying to share with you with real-life examples and exercises to help you strengthen your spiritual muscle. These are just the starting points for this program, and I will add more content throughout the year.

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