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Descending into Shadow Work


How We Will Descend into Shadow Work Over the next eight weeks, we will explore an opening ritual together to map out where you are currently at with your emotions and where you feel them in your body. Over the next five weeks, we will dive into each of the five elements: Water: Unconscious, Depths, and Emotions in the body, mind, and soul. Where are you in your body? What is the kinetic tissue trying to tell you about your journey in this life? Air: Conscious, Mindset, Voice learning how to speak your truth and recode your beliefs finding power in your story. To Activate Your throat chakra more, use discernment to set healthy boundaries when and where they are needed. Earth: Roots Stability, harmony, and creativity learning how to reconnect to your feminine energy. Material and physical self. Beginnings endings birth and death decomposition. Fire: Transformative, Expression, strength, and activation. This week is about rediscovering the next chapter of who you are and what you represent. Spirit: Connection between Body, Mind, and Soul. Building from what you have learned in the previous weeks, this week builds the inner core muscles to help you rebuild your internal bridge—adding healthy habits and integrating the work already completed. Opening/ Closing Ritual Weeks 1 & 8

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