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Protection Magick 101 | Home Wards


Learn how to protect yourself & your craft, family & familiars, home & community. *This foundation-level program is offered free to all site members. To become a site member today, please visit the link here. Before discussing any form of magick, we must begin here in Protection Magick 101 | homewards. This on-demand course can be enjoyed from the privacy of your own home, working at your own pace. Take a deeper dive into grounding & bubbling your energy and learn how to shield, magnetize, and repulse energy to you. Learn how to create barriers and homewards from mundane objects to keep nasty energies at bay to protect loved ones. Learn enchantments and basic-level glamour magick for your clothing, jewelry, and more. At the end of this program, you will have the tools and resources needed to successfully build an energetic field around yourself, your family, and your home from nasty energy in the spirit world. This practice requires regular upkeep, and the responsibility is yours to use the information correctly. I do not make any claims that this work will protect you against all evils of the human world. That is not an accurate statement for any practitioner to make. I only offer the information that is tried and true for spiritual workings & energy work.

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