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Sex Magick: A Solo Act

Updated: Jan 5

Learn how to Use your Orgasm to Manifest an intentional life you love.

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Photo Credit: Amanda Hillsdale

Learn how to Use your Orgasm to Manifest an intentional life you love.

Does this Quarantine have you feeling off-balance? Now more than ever, we are in a place of rest and reflection around our bodies -which is the perfect time to explore working with your own orgasm to harness the creative sexual energy and manifest the desired outcome.

Sex Magick is an effective tool utilizing the build-up, climax and release of sexually charged energy during ritual practice for specific results. Sexual magick it is different from "just" sex in that it is used for the express purpose of creating and manifesting, as opposed to sexual pleasure and/or procreation.

Sex Magick also has the power to serve as a healing method for those who have experienced sexual and emotional trauma.

Point of Origins

No one really knows with absolute certainty where sex magick originates from, only that it has been around since the beginning of mankind. Depending on whom you ask, some will say it started with the earliest of pagans celebrating Beltane, while others may discuss the healing qualities of eastern practices, such as Tantra, to treat underlying dis-easment in the body related to genital armoring.

Now that we understand what sex magick is, how do we use it?

I recommend creating a plan for what are you calling in. Let's use one of my favorite examples: a career change. 

This ritual would be planned for a new moon, complete with herbs, along with candles in crystals in the appropriate colors. Begin with a cleansing ritual bath, adding your favorite salts to wash away the day and restore your personal energy. During the bath, visualize everything that has been weighing you down leaving your body, washing down the drain. After the bath, cleanse and create a sacred space just for this ritual work. Use fresh, clean bedsheets to remove any residual energy from other work, dreams, sex, or sleeping. You may call in your quarters, spirits, elements, or create crystal grids to form a protective circle around your work. (Depending on your personal beliefs and practice).

Once your body is in a comfortable position start with breathwork. Listen to how your body breathes, feel it in your organs. That golden light entering your body through the nose and exiting your body through the mouth pulling the grey dis-easements out.

 Visualization in Sex Magick

Begin masturbating, and focus your energy, on your candles that have been charged and consecrated with your intentions, or your sigils are written on paper next to you.

Visualize what this next level version of you looks like. While still masturbating feel the softness of your body and rise and fall of breath in your lungs as your excitement continues building. 

Focus your mind on what a typical day in your new career will look like. How early do you get up for this new career? What type of work will you be doing? How does it feel to be living in alignment with your purpose? As your energy continues to build, think of how great your new career with be - how this new career will make you feel emotional, and what changes it will bring financially.

As your body reaches climax close out your typical day remembering how much you loved this new career. Affirm that with this energy, you are releasing all fears and doubts around it and that you will start this new career when the universe offers it to you.

Once you have reached completion...

Allow your body a few minutes to rest and soak in the oxytocin and endorphins you've just released for that euphoric feeling. You are the master of your universe, and you have the power to make changes happen.

Afterward, remember to close your sacred circle, thank your quarters, spirits, elements, or crystals that held safe space during your ritual work. 

The aftercare is just as important as the ritual work itself in Sex Magick. Honor your body, and clean whatever needs cleaning. Over the next few days as the moon cycle starts building brighter, give thanks again to your quarters, spirits, elements, or crystal for their assistance. Further, power your ritual by also doing the "mundane" work; you must match the energy you are calling in. This means you must actually apply for the job, make a positive impression at the interview, etc.  Sex Magick with the universe is mutual, not exclusive.

This article was originally published on Witch With Me

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