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How Can I Protect My Energy as an Empath

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

A Quick Guide for Empaths

Hello Gorgeous Wildling!

If you have found this blog post, I am excited for you! I cannot tell you how often I see this question dance across social media groups a day, so let's dive in.

What is an Empath?

Here's how I define Empaths, an Empath is a highly sensitive person with extra sensory gifts. Often this gift feels like a burden to us when we don't understand how to "shut it off". Our gifts are also often a survival tool we gain as young people through having rough childhood experiences that require us to be hypersensitive to people's body language, energy, and tone. If this is you, I get it and am here to help. In this quick post we are going to talk about how to protect your energy as empath.

How We Connect as Empaths

Sometimes you walk into a room full of people, feel the pain or sadness, and respond to it. Codependly we rush into the safe, avoiding it too much, and run away. Depending on how you connect, it could be through energy cords or ethereal cords. (I have a free course to help you understand what this means, and you can access it by becoming a site member for free by clicking here).

Our Power is in Our Breath to Protect Our Energy as Empath

This may sound a little silly. However, we have so much power in our breath. Here is a guided meditation to help you learn how to breathe in your body and add a protective metaphysical layer around yourself.

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