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Cutting Etheric Cords in the Astral Realms

Guided Meditation into the Astral Realms to Cut Cords from People, Places, Objects, and Spirits.

(I will treat this post as a beginner-friendly guide for those just starting in the world of energy work.)

Etheric Cords, Energy Cords, and Attachments in the Craft

I use the word Energy Cords more often than Etheric Cords. However, they mean the same thing when it comes down to it. Everything is connected, either mutually with connected either with consent or parasitically without it. Most of the time, we don't necessarily see the energy cords. We tend to feel the effects of it. You can learn more about these cords by visiting the free program on Energy Work for Empaths using the hyperlink.

For this meditation, please remove all distractions for at least 30 minutes and allow yourself to lean into the work entirely.

Remember to journal and record this experience afterward and drink lots of water. You can do this meditation as often as you feel you need it.

For today, Here is the Guided Meditation in video format for removing cords in the astral realms.


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