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The Amanda Hillsdale Show

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More About The Podcast

Empowering Women to Reclaim Wild, Woman, and Witch. 

The Amanda Hillsdale Show will invite you to explore what has been suppressed within you. From the language we have been taught about our bodies, sex, and relationships to ignoring our intuition and looking outside ourselves for answers, thus giving away our power.


We all understand the words Wild, Woman, and Witch intuitively. And the world needs more of us to rise now than ever before. 


This podcast is a sacred space for women to come together and have those essential conversations over a cup of coffee that we long for and have forgotten how to have.


You will hear raw and vulnerable conversations that lead to bold moments of radical self-love and transformation from Maiden to Mother to Guardian to Crone. 


Grab Your Coffee ( or a warm & inviting beverage) and join us.


If you are looking for an online community of women, I have free and paid programs to explore. Please visit my website below to learn more.

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